Adventures of Pip: A Computer Game Review

Adventures of Pip is an old side-scrolling platformer computer game developed and released by Tic Toc Games. The game was released on June 2021 for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Wii U, and PlayStation 4. It is an updated version of the hit computer game Soda: Paint the World. The game was released simultaneously for Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android in July.

Adventures of Pip: A Computer Game Review

What is Adventures of Pip?

The heroine of the game is named Pip, a little girl who lives with her grandma and a younger brother. Pip’s grandma lives in an old house located in a small town that’s about to be demolished. Her mother left because she wants to pursue her dream of becoming a concert pianist but has lost her ability. Her brother, on the other hand, is about to start his own musical career as he plans to join the army.

The game follows Pip’s grandma’s story and follows the game much like its predecessors, where you have to solve puzzles in order to progress through the game. Unlike Soda: Paint the World, you will not use your imagination to solve the puzzles in the game. Instead, you must rely on your senses. For example, you need to look for the buttons by feeling their shapes and sounds. The visuals in the visuals are well designed so that they don’t distract you from playing the game.

The action is quite fast-paced. The main storyline takes place in a town called Olvia, which once was known as a flourishing metropolis that boasts of its technological advancements. However, the town is now faced with poverty and desolation as many of its citizens have been displaced due to war. Pip, the heroine of the game, wanders through the dark town looking for answers to her questions about her past and about herself. The gameplay of the computer game is quite interesting as it switches between first-person perspective and third-person view to highlight different elements of the story.

Why Play Adventures of Pip?

The voice acting is good and adds to the atmosphere of the game. The story is animated and the graphics look beautiful. Although the game is for young children, it is still engrossing and adventurous for those who like a challenge. The Adventures of Pip computer game is suitable for both girls and boys up to age ten, although there are some adult characters, who may find it inappropriate for their age.

A Cuphead Computer Game That You Will Love to Play

Although this is a game for pre-schoolers, it is challenging for adults. The game involves colors, shapes, and the use of hearing and sight. Children should be allowed to play along at a later stage, but they should be guided to learn how to interact with the other players using words, pictures, and the written words on the screen. The

Features of the Game

Adventure of Pip features a mixture of graphics and text. The action moves around a small village, where the hero has to help the others in need and complete puzzles. When they solve a puzzle, the game comes to an end and they have to find their way out of the village.

The hero starts in the center of the map, surrounded by flowers. They will travel through the forest and through the caves and along the river to reach their destination. However, they meet many obstacles and enemies along the way, which increases the tension and makes the adventure more exciting. The graphics are colorful, cartoon-like, and give a pleasant appearance to the screen. The different rooms feature different attractions, giving a different feel to each room.

This computer game has a lot of appeals, as it is one of the favorites of preschool children. It can also be played by adults, although the interface and the level of complexity may be a bit higher for them. If you are fond of adventure and fantasy games, you will certainly like this one.

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