Enjoy the Thrilling Action and Adventure in the AFK Arena

For the first time ever, a free-to-join multiplayer online action game is now available from Sony’s servers called the AFK Arena. The Arena is a new project from SCEA which is still in development but it already promises to be a groundbreaking MMORPG title to follow. In fact, SCEA has already indicated that it will support the project through at least 2021. If you’re one of those people who have been waiting for a long time for this game to come out, then you better start looking for the signup now and join the battle in the skies.

Enjoy the Thrilling Action and Adventure in the Aks Arena

The plot of the upcoming mobile game revolves around a group of space travelers who crash-landed on the planet Aurora. There were several survivors who were stranded on the planet with no means of communication and no way back home. The only thing they have is a bracelet that contains information about their past lives and what happened to them during the timeframe when the crash occurred. This information will help the players in understanding the plot of the game and how to solve various challenges along the way.

What is the AFK Arena

The storyline of the game is about three unlikely heroes – the orphaned Ferael, the fearless renegade namedrespen, and the powerful warrior known as Annih asked by the mysterious manslayer to join him as the team’s line of defense. These three teens have their own individual quests as well as objectives to complete their journey. However, the unexpected is still an unknown factor. In order for the players to advance to the next level and make sure that they are up to the task of saving the world, they must learn about the powers they can unleash once they obtain the magical bracelet called the Amulet of dragons.

The story line revolves around the main character – Ferael, who happens to be the orphaned son of a noble family. He was thrown into the world of Telara where he was adopted and became the latest victim of the dark gods of the underworld. He was trained in martial arts by his foster father and believed that he will become the strongest warrior in the world. But when the gods of Telara find out that he is not ready to accept his role as the leader of their Lightbearers, they exiled him to the remote planetoid named Ai-na. There, he joins the ranks of the evil beings called the Shades and they wage war against the good force known as the Fairies.

Now, the brave warrior named Annih called upon the aid of his two most trusted companions, Ferael and Gael. They together worked and fought to rescue the captured souls of the fairies and to help them in their fight against the shades. Annih also discovered that the only way to defeat the dragons was by using the mystical powers of the Amulet of dragons. With this knowledge, he and his two allies traveled towards the dimension of Telara where the Amulet rests. There, they were able to find and use the legendary dragon balls which are able to break down the barrier between Telara and Ai-na.

How To Play the AFK Arena

Annih asked Ferael to stay behind while he went to check on his old friend Gael. With the help of the two astral travelers, Annih was able to defeat the two dragons and rescue Gael from his imprisonment. Using the powerful magic powers of the amulet, they were able to bring Gael back safely. Meanwhile, Annih’s two loyal companions, Ferael and Gael were able to defeat the three dragons who were locked inside the magical Dragonball.

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Annih was then tasked to defeat three more dragons who were locked within the last Dragonball. During the battle, Annih used his magical powers to break down the barrier between the two-dimension. With the help of the magical beam, he managed to save Gael and Annih. He then teamed up with the three other astral warriors and cleared out the rest of the arena. Meanwhile, the other competitors who did not manage to clear the arena in time stood their ground against the four dragons.


In conclusion, it can be said that the gameplay of the AFK Arena is quite innovative. It incorporates both action and adventure in its games. It is compatible with most mobile phone and tablet handheld game systems and is optimized for most browsers. It is also available through various online mobile stores at reasonable prices. Players from around the globe can play the game at any time of the day and from any location as long as there is an internet connection. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that this mobile game has been downloaded by more than twenty-five million mobile players worldwide.

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