Batman: Arkham City Computer Game Review

Batman: Arkham City is the newest video game in the Batman franchise. The game has received critical acclaim from those who have played the game and from the majority of those who have not. Based upon the popular Dark Knight movie franchise, Batman: Arkham City draws elements from many different parts of the Batman mythos and combines them into a complete game. If you are a comic book fan or an avid fan of the Batman series, you will truly enjoy this release.

Batman: Arkham City Computer Game Review

Two decades after the death of their beloved parent, two teen boys, Bruce Wayne and James Gordon start out as Batman and Robin, respectively. They find themselves caught up in the criminal activities that plague Gotham City, and eventually, they become the target of the vicious villains that fill the city. The two of them become partners in order to fight these criminals and save the city. Throughout the game, you can play as both the well-known Batman and his nemesis, the Joker.

Why Play Batman: Arkham City?

I really enjoyed playing Batman because he seems so humanized in this game. He has issues of anger and jealousy, but also great compassion for his mother and love for his girlfriend, Barbara Gordon. Playing as Batman gives you the chance to play as the dark knight with a twist. You get to be in the shoes of this extraordinary superhero, while at the same time, solving puzzles, fighting crime, and have all of the classic Batman gadgets at your disposal. If you loved the early Batman comics, then you will love playing as the dark knight in the popular hit game, Batman: Arkham City.

This version of the Batman video game is actually a prequel to the Dark Knight movie franchise. It takes place years before the events of the Dark Knight, so you get to live through the excitement of the comic book era before it happens. If you loved the early comic books and have been wanting to live through the Dark Knight’s world, then this is the game for you! The story is about a billionaire playboy known as Batman, who lives in Gotham City but also owns his own company, the Wayne Enterprises.

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Bruce Wayne is the perfect Bruce Wayne – smart, powerful, and driven. He was raised by his parents as the protector of their district, and since he was given superpowers by the mysterious green lantern, he has to train every day to maintain his persona of being the greatest hero on the block. You play as Bruce Wayne in this interactive game and you are not only tasked to save the city of Gotham from different villains but also to do some real good by stopping the bad guy from taking over the city.

The action is intense and the fighting is exciting. If you loved the old Batman games where you are basically playing the same scenes all the time, then you will probably love playing this game. For those who have never played this type of game, I would definitely recommend giving it a go and changing your perspective about what an action-packed game should be like.

The other side of this game is the side that is not as good as the good stuff. There were times when I had the sense that I was missing something when I wasn’t playing as the character. Sometimes there were things that I felt I needed to improve on, but I didn’t know what to do about it. Other times, I just didn’t feel like playing as the character; I felt like I was just going through the motions.


Overall, I enjoyed playing Batman. I think you will too once you get to know the game and learn how to play the different sides of the character. There were parts where I felt it was lacking in creativity, but overall it was a really good game and even a good game in its own right. I suggest giving it a try if you are ever at a chance to play this type of game.

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