Firestorm – Best Game To Play

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Firestorm is a text based single player game based on a very hard science fiction concept. There are no flash toys, or other cool gadgets to move about. A firestorm is simply just boots on the ground and takes players back to an unhappy period in history where nuclear weapons were used to kill thousands of people.

Firestorm - Best Game To Play

The game itself is very addictive. It takes a lot of thought to understand how to play the game, but once you do, the game is a lot of fun. There are so many different decisions to be made throughout each level that many gamers find themselves not playing the game anymore because they ran out of time. This is a very good thing as many people will tell you that this type of game requires lots of time and thought before being mastered.


Many of the walkthroughs provided by GameFAQs have detailed information on every level of the game as well as some secrets that players may not have discovered yet. Some people think that having walkthroughs is cheating, but it really is not. Firestorm uses some ” Gambler’s Luck” elements so it is not impossible to predict what buttons will be pressed next.


Firestorm has received a lot of criticism over the years for one reason or another. Some people claim that the flash based game is too simple while others say that the graphics are simplistic and should not be expected to run on a full version of Windows. Despite those two complaints, Firestorm still has sold over a million copies worldwide. If anything, it is probably because of its great presentation and user friendly controls. Many other games have great graphics, but many players who purchase those games find that the controls are too complicated or clunky to be able to really enjoy them.


Although there are a variety of critics of the game, what most individuals seem to like about Firestorm is how many different endings there are for each level. In previous games, the ending was fixed and there were not a lot of options for the gamer to change it. However, with the use of walkthroughs, the player can replay any level as many times as they would like until they find the ending they want. This feature makes the game much more interesting and fun to play.


Firestorm was one of the earliest games to be made using the flash program Paintbrush. While many games have been made using the Paintbrush program, most of them have been games that were meant to be enjoyed on a gaming console or online. When Firestorm was released for the public, it became one of the favorites among PC gamers and has remained so. In fact, this game is still one of the most popular games on the market, with many people playing it day in and day out.


If you have not yet played Firestorm, you owe it to yourself to check it out. The internet is a great resource for finding any type of game, especially flash games. Since Firestorm has many different endings, you may want to see if the walkthroughs are worth the time spent on the game. If you are at all bored with the actual game, you will probably want to try the walkthroughs first to see if you would enjoy playing Firestorm regardless of the storyline.