Gwent Computer Game

The Gwent computer game is one of the popular video games based on the famous folklore of the Vikings. You have to make decisions in order to be victorious in the game. The Gwent quests are not linear and you will often visit locations that are not visible on your map. You can also engage in intense PVP battles with several opponents at once. These intense battles will require you to use your wits and your mind as well, so prepare for a battle of good versus evil.

Gwent Computer Game

How To Play Gwent

The Gwent Card System provides the basis of Gwent’s storyline. You start the game by choosing one of the seven characters (Jarl, Freya, Sten, Hjalmar, Mathis, and Maehe), and choose a Gwent character to start your journey. During the gameplay, you will also learn about the history of each of these characters, and about the game’s mythology. After successfully completing a Gwent quest, you can challenge other players to a head-to-head battle in the arena or a draw against all opponents in a Gwent Arena – the ultimate Gwent battle.

Gwent has plenty of strategy elements, which makes it more engaging and difficult to win. You must carefully think about which character will have the most effective Gwent abilities and choose the strongest character possible to gain the upper hand in Gwent battles. In order to build your deck, you must purchase Gwent decks from shops that are available throughout the different maps in the game. If you’re playing alone, then you can build your own Gwent decks. However, if you play Gwent with a friend or partner, then you’ll want to purchase pre-made decks.

A typical deck in Gwent consists of cards of three Gwent resources – gold, experience, and witcher card. For example, if you have a deck full of gold, you can spend this resource to draw a witch card. The witchers have special powers in the game that can either help you or hurt you during Gwent battles. You can purchase special cards for your Gwent decks by picking them out during your Gwent leveling up process, or by finding them on the auction house.

Gwent cards

As you level up in the game, you earn experience points (IP). You can purchase Gwent cards from shops or through the auction house to add more to your deck. Gwent cards don’t have a rank, but instead, have a value based on the amount of IP that you have in your wallet. The higher your level is, the more expensive Gwent cards will be. For example, a witcher 3 card deck costs the same as a blue brick 3 card deck.

Three main Factions of Gwent

Throughout the course of the Gwent computer game…you’ll meet three main Factions, which are the Gold faction, the Reds, and the Iron Legion. Each has a specific trait that they bring to the table, and it helps to know which faction to fight for when creating your Gwent deck. The Iron Legion is the strongest of the three factions, and they’re the ones that you’ll fight for during your early years as a Gwent player. The other two factions are very similar and should never pose any threat to your Gwent decks.

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During your early years as a player of Gwent, you’ll have access to a few single-player scenarios that involve these three main Factions. The two main ones are Lord Harkon and Balnazzar, both of whom are leaders of their respective factions. During these scenarios, you can build your Gwent decks by using Gwent Resources, which is earned through winning Gwent battles. Gwent resources can be collected by winning battles, and unlike in the standalone card game…where you have to wait for the special quests to be completed before you can use them, in Gwent you can use a resource as often as you like. There’s no special cooldown for using a Gwent resource, so you can spend as much time getting as many as possible.

You’ll also have access to a few scenarios that pit one of the main Factions against each other, called Gwent matches. These include special Gwent decks for each of the four possible factions: the Iron Legion, the Scadini, the Six Masters, and the Grand Council. When you win a Gwent match, you unlock a card in your Gwent card collection. That’s all there is to Gwent; it’s simple enough to learn, but the possibilities are endless. With dozens of different Gwent decks to play and hundreds of potential strategies for creating them, Gwent offers something for everyone.

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