How To Download LibreOffice

LibreOffice is an open-source office suite, which provides the functionality of Microsoft Office, but for free. This is one of the best programs for mobile computing. However, to get the most from this program you need to download its apps. Although there is plenty of software available on the market for this purpose, they are either paid or free.

It is quite unfortunate that Google has implemented a mechanism that requires users to pay for apps they want to download. This means that all those who want to use this powerful program for free can do so by using the Google Play Store. As a result, users are likely to be among the first to be affected by this new policy. Fortunately, there’s still hope since there are still ways to download this amazing program for free.


First, users need to download and install a free program called OpenOffice. This is available as a download on Google Play. To make sure you have the correct version of Open Office, download it and then install it. Users can then install the LibreOffice-mobile-pdf repository which is a sub-package of OpenOffice. This ensures that the library will be properly used by the PDF files that are part of the app.

Users also need to create an account with Adobe to be able to download LibreOffice apps. Once the account is successfully created, LibreOffice can be installed on the device. To do this, select Add/Remove programs and then find LibreOffice. The software should be added to the system, but users should not click to install it just yet. Instead, they should click Run to ensure that it will run automatically once the installation is complete.

Once the application has been installed, the next step is to select Browse to access the file. Users will need to enter a file name for the application to be able to browse the contents. If a file is already in the directory, a relative path must be entered. For example, if the desired application is a Word document, the path would be C: Documents folder/Wordpad.

Next, users will need to select the type of file they want to import or save to the SD card. Depending on the file type, the software will provide options like allowing users to either compress or encrypt the document. If the document is a word document, the default selection is to compress the file. The same applies to documents containing videos or music. Encrypting is only possible if the file is not already available as a plain text file. To enable users to select the right option, the software will prompt them again.

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Once the document or video has been selected, a new window will appear. The Download button will appear and the file will be moved to the appropriate location on the SD card. Once the transfer has been completed, the application will ask the user to install the application. As soon as the installation process is complete, the Libreoffice Mobile can be used to read, write, edit, and search documents from any device that connects to the internet.

To conclude, the main advantage of using the Libreoffice Mobile to download documents is the fact that it can work on any device that connects to the internet. Furthermore, there is no cost for using the downloadable version. The free version can be downloaded for free but users can also acquire the commercial or Pro version for a fee. However, the most preferred option is to get the free version. This can be used for communication purposes as well as to download important documents.

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