Realm Royale Game Review

Here’s the newest Android walkthrough for fanatics of the game called Realm Royale. Realm Royale is an exciting game in which you act like a prince who has recently inherited the kingdom of his ancestors’ land. You thus have to now guide your prince through many challenging quests in order to restore the lost land back to perfect order.


In this game, there are two classes: the Knight and the Druid. The Knight is equipped with weapons, which he can use to attack enemies as well as other blocks that can be found all over the map. There are also special items that can be purchased as you level up, and these include items that give you more health as well as allow you to jump higher. On the other hand, the Druid is armed with only his fists which cannot be used to harm enemies or block but are great for attacking other blocks. A druid, therefore, needs to master both combat and magic in order to defeat his enemies.

Realm Royale Game Review

If you like your games simple yet challenging you will like Realm Royale, as it presents you with only four different weapons and seven different pieces of armor from which to choose. You can purchase equipment as you advance through the game and it is even possible to get a hold of enchanted weapons and armor! Some of the weapons included in Realm Royale include the Stone Edge, the Butcher’s Knife, and the Ice Pike. These weapons can be combined in order to make more powerful weapons such as the Dragon Pike. Each weapon has its own special skill, ability, and weakness.


Another one of the interesting aspects of this game includes its use of fog and darkness. When playing the game you have the choice of choosing between the light and dark side of the fog. When on the light side you can view the areas ahead of you clearly and when on the dark side you will not be able to see anything at all. The game also features a battle royale type element where your objective is to eliminate the other players and take their weapons as well as their health and souls.


Although there are many differences between the two games it still comes down to the basics of utilizing your skills, equipping your character with weapons, magic, and talents, and utilizing your skills throughout each level. You are not required to do any specific quests or go forth fighting enemies; just do what you feel comfortable doing. The basic gameplay involves you defending your castle by making use of traps, potions, and other items found within the inventory of the castle. You are also responsible for making food, healing yourself while in battle, researching new weapons, crafting new items, and using your Fortnite abilities wisely.


You begin your adventure as a simple farmhand who only wants to help you create food for you and the other characters you meet along the way. As you progress through the game you will learn more about cooking, creating, and experiencing the mystical powers of the forge. Each area of the world has a limited amount of crafting resources which are collected by doing specific tasks such as turning the ore to make bricks or collecting the ingredients for a recipe. Some of these recipes include world renown chicken nuggets which are rewarded after you successfully cook them and display your prowess in the culinary arts.


There are several differences between the world of Realm Royale and the world of the battle royale genre. One of those differences is that the battle royale genre makes use of swords, guns, and armor while Realm Royale relies solely on your stamina, tactics, and a good bit of luck. Another difference is that you aren’t required to kill anyone or use any weapons during your adventure. Finally, the item crafting systems of the former requires that you collect items that are then put together to create new weapons and armors while the latter requires that you gather raw materials and combine them to make new items.


If you like the idea of having your own army of characters to lead in-game you will be happy to know that you can have just that with Realm Royale. You can build your own fort or walled city where your fighters go to sleep. When they wake up they do battle until either you or one of your opponent’s flags become unbroken. When this happens you are able to pick up one of your opponents’ banners and place it on the field in front of your fortress. This will cause your enemy to retreat, leaving you with an easy win!