Roblox Piggy – How To Play Roblox Piggy?

Roblox PIGGY is the latest video game by Popcap Games, which is sure to be a big hit with young children. In this game, you will take on the role of a swine named Billy. You play this part in order to save your pigs from being eaten by swine, who are controlled by three different evil characters namely Algiers, Maxim and Dr. Darkkan. All of these characters are responsible for stealing the blood of Billy, forcing him to sleep inside a very large, fat pig. The only way that Billy can escape his piggery is if he can grab hold of a chain and swing it above his head. You can download the game here.

Roblox Piggy

How To Play Roblox Piggy?

In Roblox PIGGY, you are able to take on the role of the swine who is looking to find his lost piggy. The game is controlled by using the arrow keys and the mouse buttons. Using the arrow keys will make Billy walk towards the pigs, while using the mouse will make him go into the piggy bank to get his precious piggy. If you fail to save Billy, he will fall victim to the hungry swine and will slowly lose all of his blood. The game modes available in Roblox PIGGY include the Story mode, which involves finding clues to solve puzzles and the adventure mode, in which you have to locate all of the clues within a certain time period. In the adventure mode, you have to find out how to save Billy and solve the various puzzles in order to move on to the next stage.

Game Modes

There are four game modes available in Roblox PIGGY: Story, Sports, Adventure and Multiplayer. The single player game modes allow you to control Billy manually. In this game mode you have to search for clues using the provided photos. The four different game modes in Roblox PIGGY are split into two sub-games: Story and Adventure. The story mode allows you to tell the story behind the missing piggy and give tips on solving certain puzzles. The sports and adventure modes let you interact with a variety of animals.

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The main game mode of Roblox PIGGY is the Story. You have to find clues and solve riddles to uncover the truth and find out what the missing piggy really was. The story behind Roblox PIGGY is about how Billy, a farm boy decided to take a trip with his family and his doggy friend Poppy. On this trip, Billy got lost and the only way he could find his way back to the farm is to carry his doggy friend along with him on his quest.

Objective of Roblox PIGGY

Unlike other Roblox games, the objective of Roblox PIGGY is to guide Billy, Poppy, and his other animals on their journey. The game mode has a few different elements that make it a bit different than other Roblox games. First, when you are playing as Billy, you have to guide Billy, Poppy, and his other animals on their journey. The way you do this is through a map that appears on your screen after you click on one of the animals. This helps the game play out a little bit more realistic and believable because animals can get stuck and have to seek out help.


The second element is the fact that there is a puzzle element to the entire game. In each chapter of Roblox PIGGY, there is a certain item required for the puzzle to be solved. Once you obtain the item, it becomes available for you to use on the doggy. For instance, in chapter eight, you have to feed the zizzy the joeys, but in the next chapter nine, the puzzle requires that you give the zizzy the blueberry. You can continue to use the items to solve the puzzle throughout each chapter.


Finally, Roblox PIGGY, like most of the Roblox games have their own set of NPPs. You can acquire these throughout each chapter by giving pooch the correct food. The way you do this is to click on the animals and say the word piggy. When you click on the correct word, a pop up will appear saying “Piggy’s hungry.” Then you can give the appropriate food to zizzy.


Overall, Roblox PIGGY is another solid game in the Roblox franchise. The story is fun, the animals look and act the way you would want them to, and the overall concept of playing the game is great. If you have played other Roblox games, you know how much fun it is to see all of the different animals in different positions or swim in big circles. I liked how there were different ways to advance through the chapters, and even though the zizzy episode was a little annoying, I still recommend playing it if you like Roblox.