Stranger Things: The Game Best Mobile Game

One of the most downloaded games on the internet is Stranger Things: The Game. From the title, you can probably figure out what this is about. A group of high school students must save their school from a dungeon in order to pass their classes, and they do that by solving puzzles and avoiding enemies. As one would expect, there are quite a few puzzles and adventure games on the internet that have this concept as their central theme.

Stranger Things: The Game Best Mobile Game

However, Stranger Things: The Game Mobile Game takes it one step further by incorporating well-designed sound effects and full-color artwork into an enjoyable game for those who have seen the movie or read the book.
Different versions of the game are available for both smartphones and smartphones. For example, iPhone users can download the free version while those with Android gadgets can use the Android Market app. There are a number of online portals that sell the paid versions of the game. If your subscription to an online gaming site has expired, you can also play the free versions of these games. Most of these portals allow you to select the device where the game is being played, and thus, make sure that the device is compatible with the game before you download it.

Why Play Stranger Things: The Game

Unlike the many puzzles and adventure games that revolve around a single plotline, the game Stranger Things: The Game revolves around several main characters. For example, Mike (voiced by Jim Carrey), a high school student, starts the game as the last remaining member of the team who was forced to leave after a monster started rampaging through the school. With a strange, recurring dream, he discovers that his friend Walt (James Corden) has been kidnapped by a villain. He then sets out to find help, and during the course of his quest, he comes across the strange glowing skull known as a thesis, which helps him solve the mystery of the beast and prevents the threat to the students of the school.

The hero of the game is Will, who is a boy living with his grandmother in rural New Hampshire. Will becomes fascinated with the strange monster and decides to join in the investigation of the weird artifact. At the beginning of the game, you will notice that there are several objects which will trigger a sequence of events. Some of these are a lock that needs to be pried open, a box containing dynamite that needs to be tossed, and a clock that needs to be flipped. These objects are all responsible for triggering the storyline, and thus, Will has to use his wits and critical thinking skills to figure out what has to be done and how. Along the way, he also encounters several other characters, whose personalities and roles in the whole scenario had become important as the game progresses.

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While some people may consider this game to be too random, I think that this part of the game works very well. What makes it so effective is the way that you are kept on your toes. There are literally hundreds of things to do: examine each object, read its labels, examine the pictures on the boxes, flip through the puzzles, and so much more. Will’s actions, while not always right, do not seem to be haphazard. Instead, he seems to make logical sense, even though he is not an expert. This creates an atmosphere where players are not afraid to explore their options and come up with the right solution to each problem.

Another thing that makes the game interesting is the various endings it offers. Depending on how you solve the puzzle pieces, the game will present you with different outcomes. Some of them are happy ones, some funny, and others surprise you with how the story developed. It is this kind of flexibility that makes playing through the game more fun than most text-based gaming. There are times when you will think a solution is obvious, but there will always be a couple of puzzle pieces that will leave you puzzled.

However, as exciting as some of the endings are, it is undeniable that the game also offers a few downfalls as well. For example, Will’s mother is slowly revealing her past secrets to him. This will surely raise a few questions, especially regarding why she is being protective of him, especially considering he has no idea what she’s capable of. He Will also encounter a few old friends from his past, but he does not seem to have any lasting connections with them.


In short, Stranger Things: The Game Mobile Game is a nice addition to the range of apps that allow you to enjoy fun hidden object games, while still saving your time and letting you spend more time enjoying the narrative of the game. Aside from the exciting story and the amazing puzzles, the game offers enough action and adventure for fans of the show, as well as those looking to play through different levels of the story. Indeed, if you have not played any of the previous Stranger Things games, then you should really try this one!

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