Tom Clancys Elite Squad Mobile Game Review

Tom Clancys Elite Squad is an arcade game developed by Big Fish and published by Vivendi Universal Games S.A. It is one of the few Clancys games that have been successfully released outside of the PlayStation Portable. The game involves a military story in which the player assumes the role of a member of the elite squad, based out of a secret agency called Alpha Flight. The plot of the game is to achieve and obtain the goal for the sake of Alpha Flight as well as uncovering the truth behind a series of kidnappings.

Tom Clancys Elite Squad

How To Play Tom Clancys Elite Squad

The game starts with the story behind Alpha Flight, which involves a top-secret U.S. military project called Operation Torch. The team consists of six members who are supposedly based out of a small town called Glenwood. They perform their duties in order to protect the American people from threats. However, the story quickly reveals that a team is actually a group of hackers who seek to manipulate the system in order to serve their own ends. This leads the player into situations where he has to choose between good or evil and the good choices will affect the outcome of the game.

The game is supported with flash-based technology, which is why it runs smoothly on mobile devices. The game is also optimized for touch screen controls, so it’s possible to operate it easily even with just a finger. In addition, the screen is filled with a lot of visual cues that indicate when different elements are about to occur. These elements include a series of icons that will indicate upcoming actions like picking up a weapon or going upstairs. There is also an on-screen hint button, which is useful in pointing out certain details regarding the storyline.

Why Play Tom Clancys Elite Squad

The game is very fun due to its colorful graphics. A variety of different colors are used in order to visually signify different locations throughout the game. Some of these include green, blue and red for the cars, and orange and yellow for the other vehicles. All these colors blend together very well in order to provide a great viewing experience. Tom Clancys Elite Squad Mobile Game is also filled with different textures as well as detailed models which really bring life to the game.

It is possible to play the game using the in-game leaderboards. These work in a very similar way as the actual leaderboards from the Tom Clancys Elite Squad mobile app. The only difference is that instead of ranking players based on their performance in the game, they rank teams. Each team has a specific star rating that determines their performance level. By playing on the different maps in the game, a player will be able to see the teams that are performing the best.

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Players can also use social media applications while playing the game. They are able to upload their photos and videos which they can share with other players on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks. This way, players do not have to go through a lot of stress in posting their comments and thoughts in the form of a comment. They are also able to enjoy playing the game in a very social manner. Tom Clancys Elite Squad Mobile Game does offer a very interesting strategy along with a great interface, which provides a very exciting gaming experience.

The Tom Clancys Elite Squad Mobile Game is one of the most downloaded games on mobiles. It has millions of fans who play this game on a daily basis in various countries across the world. This makes it one of the best multiplayer games available on mobiles.


Clancys Elite Squad Mobile Game was developed by Crave Entertainment and published by Tectonic Software. This game was originally an iPhone game. This mobile game offers great graphics and has a great soundtrack. This game allows its users to fight against each other using real military techniques and strategies. This makes it one of the best strategy games available on mobiles today.

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