Totally Accurate Battlegrounds – Game Review

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds was developed by Cryptic Studios. Lead designer, Robert Yang, designed the game around the concept of team building. The game is also geared towards those who love multiplayer games and who love using their imagination. It’s also got a very competitive side. If you want a game that tests your skills as well as your wits, this is definitely for you.

This game is an upgrade and an evolution of Battle Royale. In Battle Royal, you played one side against the other, creating strategy and teamwork each time. But in T Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, you’ll be fighting alongside bots instead of humans, creating strategies each time using a simple point and click interface. You’ll have the choice of creating teams of bot pilots to go forth and fight on the battlefield, creating strategies to win each round. You’ll be guided and rewarded for every time, which makes this whole game seem very addictive.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds - Game Review

While the main theme of this game is about team play and working together to defeat each other in the name of a common cause, it does have some interesting features that are worth exploring. One such thing is the in-game chat system, which is in beta right now but promises to bring a lot more excitement to the game in the future. You can chat with other players for free, and getting a referral bonus is also possible from time to time. Another great feature is the in-game support system. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, the support system will help you stay connected with your friends or foes in the game. It is currently in alpha testing, so it’s a good idea to try it out for yourself if you want to help find any bugs or glitches.

In Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, players take on the roll of piloting an airplane and taking on enemy soldiers that are dropping from the sky. When fighting off these enemy soldiers, you’ll need to select your weapon, load it up, engage in battle, and choose how you’ll fight back against these opponents. Once you’ve started playing the game for the first time, it will ask you to select your weapon – which can be anything from a machine gun to a mortar and flame thrower. You can even pick which plane you’ll use, as there are a total of four planes to choose from.

If you’d rather take on a more involved role and work for each battle in order to gain points and eventually win them, you might want to play in the massively multiplayer online strategy game that is Totally Accurate Battlegrounds. Here, you’ll actually be the pilot of your own plane and you’ll have to perform various tasks throughout the battle to not only win battles but also rack up points and get rewarded with special rewards. As you play through each level of this game, you’ll be able to learn new tactics for controlling your plane and also learn about new weapons you can employ to take out your enemies.


This game has an interesting system of obtaining credits by winning battles. The more credits you accumulate during playing the game, the better your chances at obtaining new weapons as well as increasing your plane’s potential damage output. New players might want to start with the tutorial level before going on to the fully Multiplayer Online Strategy Game. If you’re interested in learning more about ragdoll physics, you might want to take a look at the in-depth description of ragdoll physics here.

To effectively use the features of Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, you need to make sure that all of your weapons are of the highest quality. That includes your main weapons, such as the machine gun and RPGs, and also your secondary weapons, such as hand grenades, rocket launchers, and other fire-based weapons. In addition to that, you’ll definitely need plenty of ammunition of all types, so make sure you stock up on rounds of every type. The best thing about this game is that you do not have to wait around for long periods of time to reload your weapons, so you can easily get right back into the action once again.

You might want to start playing Totally Accurate Battlegrounds with your friends over Xbox Live or with your family over the Internet. As mentioned above, this game has a very dynamic action-filled battlefield, which is something that you won’t find in other Rpg games that usually revolve around fighting the good fight against evil. Also, when you play this game, you’ll have the option to play with or without a mouse or keyboard. If you want to play using the keyboard, there is a short tutorial located in the bottom right corner of the screen, but otherwise, you can simply mosey on over to the battlefield and get right into the action! So, if you’re looking for a hardcore first person shooter with a hint of fantasy and fun, then definitely check out Totally Accurate Battlegrounds.