World of Warplanes Computer Game

World of Warplanes is a realistic and engrossing aircraft combat and military simulation game. The game has several advantages over other similar games. It gives you an opportunity to fly different kinds of planes like the F-14, Super Mustang, Spitfire, Tiger shark, and many others.

World of Warplanes Computer Game

Pros of World of Warplanes

One of the most obvious advantages is that you have the option to choose your own aircraft. You can buy or construct your own plane, purchase your wings, perform upgrades, and fly at any level of complexity you wish. In addition, you can also practice and hone your flight skills before you challenge yourself with more difficult scenarios. This means that this computer game is something perfect for both newbie and expert aircraft enthusiasts. It is very fun and easy to handle.

Another advantage is that you can select from a wide variety of aircraft and missions. You can choose from carrier battle, air to air refueling, air to land combat, air to sea, and land combat. Each mission can have a different set of rules and settings and is designed as per the real world. It gives you an opportunity to try out different types of maneuvers and take on different challenges.

Moreover, World of Warplanes has many multiplayer modes that allow players to choose their aircraft and participate in battles in a 3-dimensional environment. The players can use the terrain and environment to their advantage and plan their attacks. This would include destroying the enemy, boosting the score, and much more. In fact, the game features an exciting single-player campaign where you would be sent by the military to do a bit of spying and sabotage for the good of the country.

Why Play World of Warplanes?

World of Warplanes is one of the few games that can make you feel as if you are part of the action. It makes use of the best graphics and sound effects and this adds to its alluring appeal. Moreover, the computer game allows you to experience what it’s like to be in the air. You can fly from the airport to the target at a fast pace without any delays. You can also perform loops, reverse, and go around other obstacles.

World of Warplanes comes in two versions, a classic game, and the upgraded version. In the classic version, you start with only a small plane and you are tasked to fly around the map and destroy every enemy you meet. However, in the upgrade version, you will find that you can select various upgrades that would give you greater speed, allow you to attack multiple targets, and so on. Each time you level up, you will also receive a new mission. You might find that flying in World of Warplanes is not all about destroying targets and hence, you can select some interesting tasks to accomplish before you return home. As mentioned earlier, you can enjoy the whole game over again.

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With a computer game such as this, your brain can truly work overtime. The task system in this particular program allows you to set tasks for every level up to the highest possible rank. For example, if you are playing on the advanced level and need to attack an enemy tank, you just select the tank icon and you will automatically fly in and attack it. However, you can continue to increase your level up until you are ready to try it out on the hardest level.


This is actually one of the most popular computer games today. In fact, many online stores offer the game for free. Furthermore, the game can be played using either the Microsoft Windows or Mac operating systems. Therefore, you do not really have to have an Xbox or PlayStation in order to play this exciting game. World of Warplanes is definitely a game that you do not want to miss. What are you waiting for?

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